PCS Residence

The residence for the family of Mr.P Chandrasekar in Madurai. The final design overcame the main constraints of Vasthu sastra and a limited site area... The result is a colorful modern villa that appears more spacious than the actual area it occupies...

a play of light, colors and contours...we were very particular not to disturb the beautiful mango and neem trees in front...

main entrance set alight by the burning orange...

front cool green...

the living of arches...landscaped courtyard adds life to the interiors...

living hall as seen from the court...

the court is set in contrast the colors of the rest of the house...

careful meeting of yellow and green hues...

the double floor high dining room...the orange staircase cuts accross the soft green space...

stairs in black granite...
glass frame on the right gives a translucent view of the pooja room...

the courtyard as seen from the bedroom sitout...

another top view of the court...

the metal spiral stairs that lead to the open terrace from the front sitout...

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  1. Hi Ashok

    I came in thro' Chakra's blog. I really like your designs and your use of colors. All the desigs look very modern and very cheerful.

  2. ashok4:07 PM

    thanks gemini

  3. Ashok,
    Romba super. I like the arch..very different from the usual ones used in manu houses and universities..
    I like the courtyard kind of thing. It reminded me of mounaragam house...I love that house.

    I also like rythm movie house in ooty( at the end) - have u designed those types...??

  4. I meant many houses..I mostly have seen arches that are not so wide. Thats what I meant..

  5. I meant many houses..I mostly have seen arches that are not so wide. Thats what I meant..

  6. ashok2:43 PM

    thanks priyums...i have not seen 'rhythm'..not sure what type of ooty house u r talking.

  7. first time visitng this blog of urs ..i will dfinitely need appointment from u when u come back ;-)

  8. ashok5:09 PM

    jegan...haha..anytime mate

  9. Loved all your designs. This one had such a nice mix of colors (orange, green, yellow). Really striking and subtle at the same time (how can that be?). Wow.

  10. Anonymous3:51 PM

    Hi Daniel,

    I really like your designs. I'm planning to construct my dream home in Chennai. I want to see how I may use your service. I don't seem to find your contact detail. So if you see this post contact me


  11. Hi Ashok,
    I love your designs. Beautiful.

  12. Came through some other blog and to be very honest.. i am so Impressed to see the way you have designed everything. This house is my favourite !! You've got a great mind .. very well done !

    If i were to build a house i would like you to do it!

  13. *sure...thanks sreekrishna...

  14. Hello Ashok,
    I came blog-hopping and landed on your blog from God Knows Where. :-) Really cool designs and ideas you have here! I am an admirer of creative, unique and user-friendly architecture (shapes, colours, light, convenience and persona-match). I dream of building my own home some time in the near future and will have to hunt for an architect who'll understand my unique needs! :-) Looks like you would be a great Architect to keep in touch with (Do you have projects in Bangalore?)! Have bookmarked your blog! Keep going! I think you're doing great work!

  15. Your work is inspiring and strums my hearts desire to build an off grid, efficient home. We have wind power at our home now but want to start again and build from the ground up and include solar power as well. We are striving to create the most beautiful, efficient home using the smallest footprint possible.

    I also create site specific artwork that is responsive to architectural environments. The environment is crucial to the my process as an artist.

  16. really inspiring colours & structures :) keep posting & smiling always!

  17. Lovely design, love the colours.

  18. Very classy work Ashok, your designs and colors are in perfect harmony! Glad to know your work today and enjoyed every bit of it. A humble suggestion is to include wall murals, they make homes unique :-)
    Thanks for your visit and feed back.