Play of Colors

Chidhambaram School at Valayapatti, Ponnamaravathi. A play of colors!



Nithilam- My Cubist House at Kottaiyur, Karaikudi...

'Nithilam' in chaste Tamil means "Pearl"...The word that inspired my daughter's name 'Nithila'...



World Architecture Community Award

WAC Award (3rd cycle) for "Lalitha Mahal"

Lalitha Mahal, Madurai

'Lalitha mahal' at Anna Nagar, Madurai for my friend CT (of Chidambaram Transport) was done with extremely difficult constraints, viz., intricate requirements, vasthu sasthra, an existing 800 sft structure that couldn't be disturbed and finally CT who was caught between different ideas! . As I couldn't do much about the exterior due to the above constraints , I put some effort in the interiors to reflect the 'chettinad type' house in a modern style to reflect the clients background.

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World Architecture Community Award 3rd cycle winner


Trustpuram Apartments

A Multi dwelling unit for the same family at Trustpuram, Chennai...


Dhanagopal Residence

Residence for Mr.Dhanagopal at Erode


Aishwariyam Apartments

aishwariyam apartments
a small simple apartment building for Green Housing, Madurai...


Vincent Residence

Residence for Mr.Vincent at Madurai

Contractor: Roy Builders


Mr.Radha's House, Madurai...

Residence for Mr.Radhakrishnan near Pandikoil, Madurai...

Builder : Ramanand Constructions


PKM House , Madurai

Builder : Ramanand Constructions


Saradha Nivas...


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Saradha Nivas is a conventional posh villa designed by Genesis for an industrialist friend Mr.Jawahar at Madurai. The client had lavish tastes for expensive stuff like teak wood work, Italian marble, Italian furniture, imported fittings, etc...It was an interesting experience to try out all high end stuff.