Church at Muthupettai

as designed...

as built...

a century old church at the fishing village of Muthupettai (en route to Rameshwaram) was demolished and this new church was designed. Roy builders did an appreciable job in a remote village with constraints of skilled labour and limited budget.


  1. Anonymous6:58 AM

    I think u can talk more about OLD Church, It was really beautiful, was not it???

  2. The Old church at Muthupettai was smaller than the new one and was not so significant architecturally. Further, its life was over and hence it was dangerous to prolong its existence , especially in salty costal conditions.
    The century Old churh at Michaelpattanam however was of real architectural significane. But, unfortunately, it could not cater to the growing population and building a new church was thought to be a better option than spending time and money on renovating the old one.